I shared my racket with Sony Smart Sensor with a friend yesterday and got my data mixed up with his. While trying to delete partial data, I found the following:

  • You can delete data only of a particular date, not partial data based on shots or time within a single date
  • To delete data, press and hold the date in the app and select delete from the popup menu
  • The data will be immediately deleted from your smartphone/tablet and Sony server if connected to internet
  • The data will NOT be deleted from sensor if the sensor was disconnected from your device at time of deletion. The same data will be imported back when you synchronize the Sensor with the App. In order to delete from the sensor as well, make sure that the sensor is connected to the app while deleting.


This applies to the following version:

  • Application Version: 1.1.2
  • Sensor Version 1.0.2