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Switzerland Drive

Video of our drive from Lucerne towards Grindelwald during our Europe trip last year. We made few stops on our way at breathtaking scenic locations including at an amazing lake. While driving on the narrow mountain road, we saw a valley downhill with a large runway at an unexpected location. We decided to take a diversion and explore the valley and airport. To our surprise the runway didn’t have fence and we could take our car across the runway.

While crossing the runway, we saw gorgeous mountain standing like a straight wall with waterfall that looked something out of dream or piece of paradise.

Note: Background track composed by Arshad Mahmud for drama “Dhoop Kinaray”

Paragliding at Salzburg

Found this activity next to my hotel in Salzburg, Austria and has been added to my bucket list. Have to learn this soon so I can fly through these stunning mountains!


Venice was much better than I expected. I thought that boat would be the primary mode of transportation between places, but it was an excellent walking city with narrow streets and beautiful shops. The different sections of the city are connected via small bridges that allows you to explore entire city bt foot.

New Year Eve in Paris

Spent a day in Paris on new years eve at Galeries Lafayette and Champs-Élysées












First Night at Rome

Some pictures from first night at Rome. It felt like I was walking through a living museum in magical atmosphere with perfect weather.

Twisted Tower

Driving by worlds tallest twisted tower at Dubai Marina. It has 80 stories and 300 meters high. Also called as Infiniti Tower or Cayan Tower.


Phantom at M2 Motorway

My Phantom on M2 Motorway at Salt Range, on way to Lahore from Islamabad.



Flying Over North Pole!

Didn’t know that flight from Dubai to Seattle, WA goes in straight line over the North Pole. The iPhone compass needle disappeared over North Pole.

Trip to Doha Qatar

Some pics from my trip to Doha, Qatar.

Sofitel JBR Dubai

Some images from Sofitel Jumeriah Beach Residence Dubai.

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