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Switzerland Drive

Video of our drive from Lucerne towards Grindelwald during our Europe trip last year. We made few stops on our way at breathtaking scenic locations including at an amazing lake. While driving on the narrow mountain road, we saw a valley downhill with a large runway at an unexpected location. We decided to take a diversion and explore the valley and airport. To our surprise the runway didn’t have fence and we could take our car across the runway.

While crossing the runway, we saw gorgeous mountain standing like a straight wall with waterfall that looked something out of dream or piece of paradise.

Note: Background track composed by Arshad Mahmud for drama “Dhoop Kinaray”

Paragliding at Salzburg

Found this activity next to my hotel in Salzburg, Austria and has been added to my bucket list. Have to learn this soon so I can fly through these stunning mountains!


Venice was much better than I expected. I thought that boat would be the primary mode of transportation between places, but it was an excellent walking city with narrow streets and beautiful shops. The different sections of the city are connected via small bridges that allows you to explore entire city bt foot.

MoUSICi Launched

I finally launched project MoUSICi with the finest music composer Arshad Mahmud. We are targeting to revive the music industry through creation of fresh and quality content.

The following is the article by Dawn on the launch of the portal:

KARACHI: A web-based music portal called MoUSICi was launched at the Arts Council on Friday evening. The idea is the brainchild of renowned music composer Arshad Mahmud.

Talking to the media about the genesis of the project, Mr Mahmud said for a long time he and some of his friends had a feeling that the kind of fervour and enthusiasm (gahma gahmi) that was once associated with the field of music was lacking. He said when he was 22 years old he began composing music at Pakistan television for different programmes. He said he did that for six years and every week he had to compose three to four tunes. But, he said, such opportunities were available in the country for people like him. At the time, he recalled, he and singer Nayyara Noor used to look for places to rehearse but would invariably find the rehearsal rooms occupied by luminaries such as Khalil Ahmed or Master Manzoor, composing or teaching music. He said all week round, five to six composers would be creating music and all that material was being heard and enjoyed to date.

Mr Mahmud said he thought that today the youth of the country did not have similar opportunities. To tackle the problem, he said, he had this idea in mind which he discussed with his friend Nafees Ahmed (sitar player).

Flying Too Much?

You know you are flying too much if you are looking for boarding time on movie ticket and seat belt on cinema seat

Human Right Abuse

An economy class flight of more than 8 hours should be classified as human rights abuse by UN


I wish there was an auto-correct for passwords!

Super Hero Movies

I am done with watching super hero movies, thanks to Captain America Civil War.

Vienna Orchestra

Short clips of my first small orchestra experience in Vienna, the World’s capital of Music. Hoping to see the big one this year.

3 Hobbies

Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.

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