Human Right Abuse 2

An economy class flight of more than 8 hours should be classified as human rights abuse by UN


I wish there was an auto-correct for passwords!

Super Hero Movies

I am done with watching super hero movies, thanks to Captain America Civil War.

Vienna Orchestra

Short clips of my first small orchestra experience in Vienna, the World’s capital of Music. Hoping to see the big one this year.

3 Hobbies

Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.

Delete Data on Sony Smart Sensor

I shared my racket with Sony Smart Sensor with a friend yesterday and got my data mixed up with his. While trying to delete partial data, I found the following: You can delete data only of a particular date, not partial data based on shots or time within a single date To delete data, press ...

Smart Tennis Gear

Smart Tennis Gear
After experimenting with tennis for a couple of weeks on beginners racket, my coach told me that I will get at least 25% improvement in game by getting a better racket. While searching for suitable racket on forums, I found this Sony Smart Sensor that works in couple of compatible rackets of selected manufacturers. Based ...

Backup All mysql Databases in Plesk 1

After painful many years of server migrations for clients, finally found a single line script online for dumping all databases. I made a minor modification for Plesk so that it can take the encrypted password from Plesk and pass it to mysql. It finds all the databases in your Plesk install and dumps them each ...

New Year Eve in Paris 3

New Year Eve in Paris
Spent a day in Paris on new years eve at Galeries Lafayette and Champs-Élysées

Organic Ice Cream in Paris

Organic Ice Cream in Paris
Tasty organic Ice Cream at Lafayette Galleries in Paris

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